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Where can plastic runway materials be used?

2023-07-25 15:39:52 51次 超级管理员

  Plastic runway materials can be used not only on the runway, but also in many other places.

First, sports track, can be widely used in permeable plastic track, composite plastic track, mixed plastic track, simple construction, in line with the requirements of the International Association of Athletics Federations, soft color, all-weather field, improve athlete performance, reduce sports injuries.

Second, artificial turf filled with colored rubber particles to fill the grass floor, no pollution, appropriate elasticity, beautiful color.

The third, Breathable sports venues are widely used in kindergartens, basketball courts and other venues, which can adopt a variety of colors, good flatness, and effectively reduce sports injuries.

Fourth, the fitness path can be constructed in fitness equipment venues, swimming pools and other occasions, convenient construction, good flatness, fresh color, beautiful and durable site.

Fifth, highway, sidewalk construction is convenient, eye-catching color, improve traffic safety.

Six, elastic floor tile bright color aging resistance, easy maintenance.

Seven, color roof can be used for roof waterproof, heat insulation energy saving, improve the building

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