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Technical advantages

Based on independent research and development, constantly improve their own independent innovation ability, coupled with intellectual property rights armed to form competitive strength, the company focused on the advantages to create to meet the market demand, excellent quality, high grade quality products. Love sports has always maintained the original heart, using the latest technology to develop the best products to serve the public. With the support of science and technology, fall in love with sports to seize the opportunity to strive for an absolute competitive advantage in the market.


Love sports composite materials research and development center
"R & D Center" takes composite materials as research, combined with the characteristics of paving industry materials, to carry out research on "rubber and plastic composite", "organic-inorganic composite" and other new materials, to improve the technical level of the company and even the industry.

Surface Materials Laboratory:
The interpenetrating networks of liquid materials and organic and inorganic composites were studied.

Polymer Materials Laboratory:
Application and performance improvement of polymer materials in sports field materials.

Physics Laboratory:
Process experiment and physical property inspection of materials.

Natural Laboratory:
The use of materials in the natural environment and the change of physical properties in the natural environment are tested to provide practical information feedback for the research of new materials.


The first silicon PU manufacturer in China to establish and implement the MSDS system

Chemical Safety Data Sheet (Material Safety Data Sheet), the international known as chemical safety information card, referred to as MSDS, the role is to briefly explain the harm of a chemical to human health and the environment information, at present the United States, Japan, the European Union and other developed countries have generally established and implemented the MSDS system. China is the establishment and implementation of MSDS system of enterprises, all this is inseparable from the strong support of technology.

Aishang series products through SGS EU toy standards and US paint standards double environmental protection testing

The Swiss General Surveyor (SGS) is currently the world's oldest qualified private third party engaged in product quality control and timely verification of multinational companies. SGS provides inspection and test reports and certificates that are the global benchmark for quality and integrity.

In order to contribute to the norms of silicon PU, polyurethane plastic runway market behavior, effectively safeguard the interests of customers, solemnly to SGS testing applications, And successfully become the first company in the industry to obtain the EU toy standard (EN 71-3:2013+A1:2014)SGS 19 kinds of heavy metal testing and SGS testing agency issued by the United States standard ASTM F963-11 inspection of 8 kinds of heavy metals and total lead double standards.

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