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Brand Concept

Driven by science and technology, "environmental protection, science and technology, sports, health" is the best interpretation of Guangdong Love Sports Industry Co., LTD.

Since 2008, the first batch of love people to focus on silicon PU products as their own responsibility, independently developed a single-component water-cured nano silicon PU, redefine the industry standard new height, develop an epoch-making environmental concept products. "Falling in love with nano silicon PU" has been chased and never surpassed. Over the past ten years, with R&D as the driving core, we are committed to building the first brand of silicon PU. "Safety, environmental protection, professional" is the pursuit of love has been.

More than 30 million square meters of new sports floor materials around the world come from falling in love with sports, and falling in love with sports that bring health and happiness to athletes around the world every day! Our creation, infinite possibilities! Our diversified products are widely used in major international events, national key projects, well-known resorts, kindergartens, schools and other areas, and we provide high-quality ground material products for world-class athletes who span the next 0.01 seconds.

With "environmental protection, science and technology, sports, health" to get users very satisfied, this is the core concept of love sports to pass on! Love sports, healthy China!

Guangdong Like New Materials Co., LTD