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Legal statement

The materials, information and related content of this website are provided by Guangdong Love Sports Industry Co., LTD and its investment company (hereinafter referred to as "Love Sports" or "the Company"). Please read the following terms carefully before any visitor uses this website. If you do not agree to this legal Notice, please do not continue to use this website. If you continue to access this website, read the content of this website, download the materials of this website or use any information provided on this website, you have read, understood and agreed to be bound by the terms of this statement. You use this website, without the written permission of the company, you may not use the pictures, information or materials provided on this website for any commercial or illegal or illegal purposes, or in any way that does not comply with this legal statement to access and use this website. The Company reserves the right to modify and interpret this statement within the scope permitted by law. The Company has the right to pursue legal liability against users who violate this legal statement。

Terms of use

(1) Acceptance of the terms

By accessing our website and any pages via the Internet, you agree to be bound by the legal notices of our website. Anyone who accesses the Company's website in any way or directly or indirectly uses the information on the Company's website is also deemed to voluntarily accept the legal notice of the Company's website. Acceptance of these terms and conditions is a prerequisite for your legal access to our website. The Company may modify these Terms of Use at any time within the scope permitted by the laws of the People's Republic of China.

(2) Terms of Use of website information and materials

The Company and the members of the holding Company and its affiliates provide the products and services described in this website only to the extent permitted by law. Unless otherwise specified, the products and services offered on the Company's website generally do not constitute an invitation to offer to any visitor or an invitation to purchase products or other products and services. The company dynamics, laws and regulations and other auxiliary information provided on this website are only for the reference of visitors to this website. Since this website may not be able to complete the synchronous update of the above content, visitors should confirm its timeliness, authenticity, accuracy and authority before relying on this information to take any action. If the visitor really needs to know about a specific product issue, please contact the website or the relevant sales department of the company through the service hotline in order to establish a formal cooperation relationship.

 (3) Rules of use

The following terms and the terms described above apply to forums, bulletin boards, comments, etc. on this site that have an interaction with each other. By using, entering or participating in the above areas or any other interacting areas on the Site, visitors agree to all of these terms. The site cannot and does not identify all content provided by users of the Site. However, this website reserves the right to monitor the content on this website and the right to delete other content that this website considers to be harmful, controversial or in violation of these rules of operation. In order to provide services that meet the needs of users of this website with high-value information, and to prevent users of this website from suffering losses caused by false, malicious attacks or other harmful statements about the rights of others, this website is necessary to establish the following operating rules to avoid abuse of this website:

When you use the Services of this website, you must not:

(1) Post or disseminate any illegal, threatening, defamatory, derogatory, retaliatory, profane or any other information prohibited by law, including but not limited to the dissemination of any content that incitement encourages crime, or violates civic duty or any other content that violates relevant local regulations, national laws, regulations or international conventions or practices.

(2) Paste or transmit any content that spreads the privacy of any other person or damages the reputation of any other person, paste or transmit any content with a virus, or any content with derogatory or damaging characteristics;

(3) Paste or disseminate any data, graphics or programs that may infringe upon the personal or property rights of others, including the illegal use of unregistered copyrighted text, graphics or programs, trade secrets and other confidential information, trademarks, service marks, etc.;

4. Interfere with other users of the Company's website in any form. If you violate these Terms of Use, you are solely responsible. If the Company is sued or otherwise adversely affected as a result of your actions, you shall compensate the Company for all losses caused.

(4) Privacy

The entire content of the privacy policy of our website is part of this legal notice, so you must read it carefully.

(5) Website security commitment

You agree that you will not use any device, software or routine to interfere or attempt to interfere with or disrupt the proper working of the Site. You must not take any action that places an unreasonable or disproportionately large load on our network structure. You may not illegally access our website by any means. Any behavior that endangers the security of the company's website may bear the corresponding civil liability, be subject to administrative penalties, and may constitute a serious criminal offense.

Declaration of rights

1. The copyright of any content provided on this website (including but not limited to domain names, trade names, trademarks, data, text, layout design, graphics, charts, patterns, images, sounds, processes, procedures, etc.) belongs to the Company or the relevant right holders. Without the prior written permission of the Company or the relevant right holders, you may not reproduce, reproduce, transmit, publish, repost, adapt or display the content of this website in any way. At the same time, without the written permission of the Company, no one may mirror any content on this website on a server that is not owned by the Company. Any unauthorized use of this website may violate the Copyright Law of the People's Republic of China and other laws and regulations, as well as the provisions of relevant international conventions.

All articles reproduced on our website are for the purpose of conveying more information and do not mean to endorse their views or confirm the authenticity of their content.

2, without the written permission of the Company, the following content of the Company's website shall not be reproduced or used:

2.1. Website Logo, Banner, and special graphics, logos, page styles, layout methods, procedures, etc.;

2.2. Has made not to reprint or without permission not to reprint the content of the statement;

2.3. Works of others that are not signed by the Company's website or quoted or reproduced by the Company's website and other non-copyright content of the Company's website;

2.4. The Company's website points to the relevant link content of the non-Company's website;

2.5. The content of the Company's website must have special authorization or have the qualification of registered users to know;

2.6. Other content that is not allowed by law or deemed inappropriate by our website.

3, reprint or quote the signed article in this network, please sign according to the regulations.

4. This website shall not be liable for civil disputes, administrative treatment or other losses caused by improper reproduction or reference of the content of this website.

5, if the company's website reprint manuscript involving copyright and other issues, please call the author within one month to contact the company and provide the corresponding certification materials. Once it is determined that it constitutes a violation of the rights of others, the company will immediately remove the relevant content.

6. The Company reserves the right to pursue legal liability for non-compliance with this Statement or other illegal, unauthorized or malicious use of the Company's website content.


(A) The content of this website, the company does not provide any express or implied form of accuracy, timeliness, effectiveness, stability, availability, non-infringement of the rights of others and other aspects of the content. If the content of this website is inconsistent with the paper document, the paper document content shall prevail.

(b) Internet transmission may be subject to interference, interruption, delay or data errors, and the Company is not responsible for the accuracy or timeliness of data and transactions that may be caused by the failure of communication facilities beyond the Company's control. It does not guarantee the stability of the website server and network, and does not guarantee that this website will be available for viewing, reading and use at any time.

(3) Under no circumstances shall the Company be liable for any decisions or actions taken in reliance on the content of this website arising from access to or use of this Website, Shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, punitive damages or other damages of any kind, including but not limited to business interruption, loss of data or loss of profits, arising from access to or use of this Website.

(D) The website involved in the company's products, customer service, sales and other related content, such as product catalog and product description and Settings, service telephone, etc., please be subject to the company's business department's formal contract, commitment, agreement. Due to the difference between the relevant content of this website and the actual service process, process or contract, the actual service process, process or contract shall prevail, and the Company shall not perform the corresponding obligations or assume the corresponding responsibilities.

(5) Electronic mail transmitted to the Company via the Internet cannot be guaranteed to be absolutely secure. If the user sends a message via the Internet, or requests a reply by E-mail, the Company is not responsible for any loss caused by this. The Company does not assume any direct, indirect, individual or joint losses arising from the use of this website.

(6) The Company does not make any representations or warranties regarding the accuracy, security, functionality or performance of any third-party software used on the Company's website.

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